Qrewcial’s top five new shows on Hulu in March

What's heading to Hulu in March? Check out our top five additions you should watch this month.
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Free Solo/National Geographic

While Hulu’s arrivals in March are a bit light on the television side of things, they are adding two critically-acclaimed films this month. Fresh off its Oscar win, Free Solo will be available to watch along with Oscar-nominated foreign film Shoplifters. Plus, SNL alum Aidy Bryant is making her TV show debut in Hulu’s original comedy, Shrill. Here are five new arrivals to Hulu this month that we recommend.


Shrill (Season One)

Premiere Date: March 15th

Aidy Bryant is going from SNL to Hulu in this new single-camera comedy. Bryant is starring and is the co-writer on Shrill which is under the supervision of SNL’s man-in-charge, Lorne Michaels, and Elizabeth Banks. The series is based on Lindy West’s memoir that follows a full-figured woman determined to change the world without having to change her physical appearance. Bryant will star in the lead role of Annie, and if her work on SNL is any indication to how she’ll do, we’re in for a treat.

The Act/Hulu

The Act (Season One)

Premiere Date: March 20th

Television has always been a great medium for telling the real-life stories of people forgotten or ignored, and Hulu’s The Act is no exception. Starring Patricia Arquette, The Act tells the bizarre story of Dee Dee Blanchard’s murder and the person that was behind it—her mentally disabled daughter, Gypsy, who will be played by Joey King. The story promises to be emotionally jarring and shocking.

Into The Dark/Hulu

Into The Dark: Treehouse (Season One, Episode Six)

Premiere Date: March 1st

Streaming now on Hulu, Into The Dark’s sixth episode follows a celebrity chef looking to run away from the paparazzi and tabloids that don’t exactly have the nicest words to say about him. Running away to his family estate in the woods, Peter (Jimmi Simpson) finds that no distance is far enough to escape your secrets and the haunting troubles of your past. The sixth episode stars Brooklyn Nine Nine’s Stephanie Beatriz and is directed and co-written by Psych’s James Roday.

Free Solo/National Geographic

Free Solo (Documentary movie)

Premiere Date: March 13th

Free Solo recently won the Oscar for Best Documentary and is now making its way to Hulu. This National Geographic documentary follows Alex Honnold as he solo climbs El Capitan, a vertical rock face, located in Yosemite National Park. Honnold’s accomplishment makes for a terrifying, gripping documentary as he cautiously and dangerously climbs up the mountain leaving viewers frazzled by his every move. It may not be a Hulu original, but it will certainly make a Hulu a hot spot during the month of March to catch this amazing journey with breathtaking scenes.

Shoplifters/Aoi Pro, Inc.

Shoplifters (Foreign film)

Premiere Date: March 14th

Shoplifters made a name for itself at the Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for an Oscar in the Foreign Language category this year. The Japanese film, directed, writen, and edited, by Hirokazu Kore-eda, is a heartfelt drama following a family that shoplifts to make it through their daily lives. Shoplifters sheds light on poverty in Japan and seeks to educate viewers on the struggles that exist within the lives of the less fortunate.

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