Top Class Finish Mini Episode – Christian Pulisic, The Messiah

Top Class Finish debuts its first mini episode and it's all about star American Christian Pulisic
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Francisco Seco / AP Photo

The Top Class Finish boys run their first mini-episode, and it’s all about the kid from Hershey, Pennsylvania…the Messiah…Christian Pulisic. They cover:

Pulisic’s transfer to Chelsea and what role he’ll play under Sarri. Also, was this move in anticipation of Hazard leaving?

-How does Pulisic playing in the Premier League impact viewership and ratings in the United States?

-Will advertisement and brand companies capitalize on this transfer and the hype to start running Pulisic as the face of their brands? This doesn’t often happen for soccer stars in the US. The last time the United States had a player surrounded by this much hype was Freddy Adu when he was 14 years old at DC United.

-Now that he is at Chelsea, how does this affect your support of him if you’re not a Chelsea supporter?

-Lastly, and this is the big question on everyone’s mind, can he live up to the price tag?

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