The best new songs of the week

This week we pick new music from Mac DeMarco, Ciara, Black Midi, Modest Mouse, Shafiq Husayn, and more.
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It’s a new week thus a new list compiled of some the best music we could find over the last few days. This week features artists Cage the Elephant, Black Midi, Mac DeMarco, Ciara, Modest Mouse, Flaural, Christelle Bofale, and Shafiq Husayn.

1) Black Midi – “Crow’s Perch”

Back in February, we did a profile on this enigmatic group out of the UK and they continue to impress us and intrigue us. Their disjointed style of music somehow continues to work; it’s straightforward yet frenetic, strange yet enjoyable. The song builds to a cacophony of shrill sounds and is again another example of Black Midi’s uniqueness.

Listen Now: “Crow’s Perch

2) Mac DeMarco – “All of Our Yesterdays”

This newest single from his forthcoming album Here Comes the Cowboy is DeMarco’s attempt at writing “a gigantic rock and roll hit with my renewed love for the band”, taking inspiration from an Oasis documentary he had just seen and Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Does he succeed? No, not quite. But he doesn’t care and neither do we. “All of Our Yesterdays” is a lovely, relaxed musing on the passing of time that warms our hearts.

Listen Now – “All of Our Yesterdays

3) Ciara – “Thinkin Bout You”

Ciara recently started her independent venture by owning her masters (with the help of husband Russell Wilson) and now with her new album, Beauty Mark. The first single is more pop than we’re used to from the R&B singer so it definitely gives a bigger expectation for what’s to come.

Listen Now – “Thinkin Bout You

4) Modest Mouse – “Poison the Well”

It’s been four years since Modest Mouse’s last release so we’re pretty happy to hear the band release this single in participation of Record Store Day. “Poison the Well” has a revved-up Modest Mouse keeping things lean and mean on this guitar and drum-heavy track that packs a punch for just being over two minutes long. No word on an official album but the band will be touring with the Black Keys in September.

Listen Now – “Poison The Well

5) Cage the Elephant ft. Beck – “Night Running”

With a new album, Social Cues, out on April 19th and an accompanying Night Running Tour, Cage the Elephant and Beck figure why not give you reggae-infused rock vibes with this single. Yes, it works.

Listen Now – “Night Running

6) Flaural – “1616”

This track is off the debut album Postponement from Denver-based psych-rock band Flaural. The album drops on April 19th but you can’t wait that long for such goodness so enjoy this song while you wait.

Listen Now – “1616”

7) Christelle Bofale – “U Ouchea”

Every now and then you happen upon a great song that seemingly falls out the sky and onto your playlist. Meet Texas songwriter Christelle, providing you with a gem off her Swim Team EP, dropping May 31st.

Listen Now – “U Ouchea

8) Shafiq Husayn ft Bilal- “Between Us 2”

SA-RA’s Shafiq Husayn finally blessed us with an album, The Loop, that features a who’s who of collaborators. This single is a psychedelic vibe that is perfect for the spring. Plus you know, Bilal is on it.

Listen Now – “Between Us 2

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