The best new songs of the week

The best new music of the week comes compliments of Tame Impala, Lizzo, Logic, Sky Ferreira, Jenny Lewis, Cate Le Bon, and Bad Suns.
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Kevin Parker of Tame Impala/Getty Images

New music doesn’t stop and neither does Qrewcial. We hunker down every week to open our ears and listen to everything musical under the sun to give you our top new songs of the week.

1) Lizzo ft Missy Elliot – “Tempo”

Rising star Lizzo knows how to make a jam ridiculously well. The third single off her debut album Cuz I Love You proves it yet again. Teaming up with rapper/singer Missy Elliot—another pivotal rule-breaker and thick girl ambassador—the pairing is dopeness embodied. “I’m a thick bitch, I need tempo” Lizzo sings, and it’s impossible not to start dancing. Expect this one to be the new nightclub favorite.

Listen Now: “Tempo

2) Tame Impala – “Patience”

Tame Impala returns with a new song and a forthcoming album. It’s been about four years since the pysch-pop-rock band has released an album but our patience (no pun intended) is rewarded with this breezy, infectious, new groove of the same name. It’s got that classic cruising 60’s vibe with a little funk mixed in, and Kevin Parker’s voice is perfection—you’ll probably play it a dozen times as we did. No official details on the new album but the band will be performing on SNL March 30th.

Listen Now: “Patience

3) Logic – “I’m Probably Gonna Rock Your World”

Logic just released his new novel, Supermarket. What better way to celebrate than with an accompanying soundtrack, right? Right. The song is produced by indie darling Mac Demarco who just happened to release his single, “Nobody” for his own forthcoming album earlier this month. Paired with Demarco’s chill vibe, Logic ably sings and it feels like he pretty much channeled Mac completely. It works well—so well in fact we officially need a full-length album from these two.

Listen Now: “I’m Probably Gonna Rock Your World

4) Jenny Lewis – “On The Line”

Having captivated music lovers since her Rilo Kiley band days,  Jenny’s solo work show how poignant she really is as an artist. Her voice takes on many notes, but her tone is always hers. On The Line is her fourth solo album,  dedicated to her mother who passed in 2017. The song is about lost love by a treacherous Caroline, told in Jenny’s unique fashion.

Listen Now: “On The Line

5) Bad Suns –   “A Miracle, A Mile Away”

The LA-based alt-rock indie band just dropped their third album, Mystic Truth. It’s their first release on Epitaph Records. The track is a bright and beautiful ode to holding out for the calm after the storms in life. It’s full of encouraging vibes with lyrics like “Quit looking for love you’ve left behind/Waiting for what you’ve yet to find” that aren’t preachy and work well with the production.

Listen Now: “A Miracle, A Mile Away

6) Cate Le Bon – “Daylight Matters”

Welsh indie-rock singer Cate Le Bon has announced a new album, Reward, due May 24th. Her first single, “Daylight Matters,” is a poetic ballad of heartbreak that feels perfectly at home scoring your favorite romance movie. This is her first release on label Mexican Summer, and she has scheduled a robust summer tour, also starting in May.

Listen Now: “Daylight Matters

7) Sky Ferreira – “Downhill Lullaby”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from singer Sky Ferreira. Six years to be exact. Is it too much to expect the long-delayed Masochism album? Not at all!  Mind you, there’s been no official release date but as we wait expectantly for her second album to drop, this single is a welcome tree limb to cling to.  It’s a dark and beautifully moody track that only makes you want more.

Listen Now: “Downhill Lullaby


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