Qrewcial’s best new songs of the week

This week we’re featuring tracks from Madlib and Freddie Gibbs, Sego, Amanda Palmer, Westkut, and Chromatics.
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We’re back with Qrewcial’s weekly look at new music. As always, we’re giving you the rundown on a handful of fresh-out-the-vault songs from your favorite artists or artists we think you should know about. From rock to hip hop and everything in between, here are this week’s new releases.

1) Madlib & Freddie Gibbs – “Flat Tummy Tea”

This is the first single from hip hop super producer and instrumentalist Madlib, teaming up once
again with emcee Freddie Gibbs. Madlib masterfully switches up the production mid-song, giving it an entirely new feel and Gibbs doesn’t miss a beat lyrically. Bandana, their second full-length project together will be released on RCA. Their first critically acclaimed collabo Pinata was back in 2014 so fans are well overdue for more greatness.

Listen Now: “Flat Tummy Tea

2) Amanda Palmer – “Voicemail for Jill”

Indie darling Amanda Palmer is back with new music. This track is the third single off her forthcoming album, a stripped down song of encouragement and support to a friend having an abortion. “I wrote this song as a gift,” she stated in a press release, that we’re sure her fans appreciate. Her third album, There Will Be No Intermission, will be released on March 8th, with her touring the US and the UK in support.

Listen Now: “Voicemail for Jill

3) Sego – “Neon Me Out”

Sego is an LA-based quartet you might be unfamiliar with. We hope to remedy that with this second single off their upcoming sophomore album, Sego Sucks. It’s reminiscent of classic Beck, quirky but upbeat and fun. The indie rock group’s newest LP drops April 5th with rumors of a tour but no solid dates confirmed yet.

Listen Now: “Neon Me Out

4) Westkut – “Cotton Skies”

The Swedish indie-rock/pop band have released this second single off their upcoming self-titled
sophomore release. They’ve been relatively silent the last few years after releasing a well-received debut album. The first single, “Swebeach” has already gotten some buzz so the time off hasn’t hurt the band’s mojo. You won’t have to wait long for their album, it’s due out March 1st and is available for pre-order on their Bandcamp page.

Listen Now: “Cotton Skies

5) Chromatics – “Time Rider”

Finally announcing a tour after a five-year hiatus, electronic band Chromatics have graciously released a new song for their patient fans. Their long-awaited album, Dear Tommy, was never released so this single could possibly mark its appearance. It could be wishful thinking but until then you can see them live when their tour kicks off April 30th.

Listen Now: “Time Rider

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