Qrewcial’s best new songs of the week: Gary Clark Jr, Cardi B, Hozier, Offset, and Sasami

We're bringing some of our favorite newly-released tracks from the past few days. Get your ears ready.
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Gary Clark Jr / Joey Martinez via Grammy.com

Every week, we give you the rundown on a handful of fresh-out-the-vault songs from your favorite artists or artists we think you should know about. Here are some of our favorite new releases to check out from the past week.

1) Gary Clark Jr. – “Pearl Cadillac”

This is third single off of his new album, This Land, due March 2nd. Gary is a perfect blend of blues and rock; the kind of artist that makes you regret not sticking with those guitar lessons back-in-the-day so you could seem half as cool as he does. And he doesn’t hold back here on “Pearl Cadillac”. This single is a Prince-inspired love ballad, showcasing both his writing and enviable, blistering, skills on guitar. Fresh off this past weekend’s live performance of the single on SNL, Gary gets it right once again. 

Listen Now: “Pearl Cadillac” 

2) Offset – “Red Room”

Offset drops his debut solo project, this Friday February 22nd after postponing it’s original December release date due to all of his personal drama with he and his wife, hip hop artist Cardi B. He has been quiet with most details of this album, but we do the name is Father of 4. He just recently tweeted that the album would be produced by Southside and the uber-popular Metro Boomin, who produced this single and earned a slot on our top 10 producers to watch list. This song is a personal narrative, going over his life, and nothing is more endearing than a glimpse inside who an artist really is.

Listen Now: “Red Room

3) Hozier – “Dinner & Diatribes”

This is the newest single from Hozier’s sophomore album entitled Wasteland, Baby!  This folksy number could easily become a crowd favorite when performed live on tour.  It has upbeat production and Hozier is fabulous vocally. His Wasteland, Baby! tour which starts next month has already sold out most of its starting dates and has added additional stops throughout May and June with those selling fast as well. 

Listen Now: “Dinner & Diatribes”

4) Cardi B ft Bruno Mars – “Please Me”

With the blazing success of their first team-up “Finesse,” why not see if they can strike gold a second time right? It’s produced by Bruno & the Stereotypes, but the single is currently getting attention for it’s supposed sampling from R. Kelly’s “Sex Me.” With Cardi B’s raunchy lyrics and attitude dripping all over it, the vibe is full-on 90s Jodeci, the only credited sampled artist. Cardi B also made headlines after recently winning a Grammy for Best Rap Album.

Listen Now: Please Me

5) Sasami – “Free”

This song is beautifully understated, and perfectly melancholy. Off her self-titled debut release out this March, she’s an alternative/indie rock artist that you’ll want on your radar.  The opening sequence of feedback is unique, much like Sasami herself. Based out LA, Sasami originally played with the band Cherry Glazerr before pursuing a solo career for herself. She has already made noise with her previous singles like “Jealousy” and “Callous“, with a tour starting overseas and ending in the US by early summer. 

Listen Now: Free

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